Gregor Wilson

“ The way things have always been done, is not necessarily the best way. Fresh eyes and experience can lead to positive digital transformations. ”

Gregor Wilson, Programme Manager

Gregor is a software professional with over 21 years’ experience creating, delivering and managing applications and software projects within the Oil and Gas Industry. Having been a software developer for 15 years he has a very strong technical background and also has the business knowledge working with multiple Oil and Gas companies over two decades.

Over the last seven years, Gregor has been acting as the conduit between technical teams creating software and the stakeholders within businesses to successfully deliver digital projects and software. He has experience working with clients and stakeholders globally.

Hailing from the Highlands in Braemar Scotland, Gregor is also a Director of the Braemar Royal Highland Charity which organises and runs the world famous Braemar Gathering attended by Her Majesty The Queen. He has been undertaking a digitisation initiative for all facets of this 200yr old society.
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