Altus Intervention

Business Background

In January 2014 Aker Solutions Well Intervention Services business was acquired by EQT, a Swedish private equity fund. The business was subsequently rebranded to Qinterra AS, comprising the North Sea well intervention services business ALTUS Intervention and the international well intervention technology business Qinterra Technologies. Qinterra AS currently employs 1,500 people globally.

The Challenge

At the time, ALTUS Intervention / Qinterra were going through a transitional period carving out from Aker Solutions. They wanted an identity and a standalone IT platform as part of the carve out from Aker Solutions.

ALTUS Intervention / Qinterra recognised the importance of streamlining the management of not only their internal process workflows, but refining the potential of developing a system which can in time prove a blueprint to managing projects for our clients.

Working closeley with the CIO, Core29 continue to provide strategic support to Altus, helping them develop their technology roadmap

The Core29 Solution

A new intranet, along with an Integrated Business Management System(iBMS) was scoped and built using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 online. Making it easily accessible from any location remotely and across all devices. Each department were given their own team site and landing page which is visible to all of the business.

The iBMS is used as a common environment that hosts the companies’ policies, standards, procedures, work instructions and so on. It ensures consistency in how the business functions, establishes best practice, and through set priorities helps to achieve the business objectives.

Core29 provided a Project Manager, along with Project Support to help build this dedicated system that focusses on streamlining.

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