Meet the team

Alan Dick

“In Core29 creativity underpins our solutions, ensuring your digitalisation journey is transforming and enhancing all our lives and your business.”

Alan Dick, Managing Director
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Jaye Deighton

“In digital transformation, it's critical to start with a 'business first' approach. Most transformation projects fail because you didn't understand the problem in the first place.”

Jaye Deighton, Board Member
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Gregor Wilson

“The way things have always been done, is not necessarily the best way. Fresh eyes and experience can lead to positive digital transformations.”

Gregor Wilson, Programme Manager
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Robert Goss

“There's a lot to be said for those critical moments of data insight; when you expose the trends, discover the unexpected, and understand with clarity the next steps for your business.”

Robert Goss, Business Intelligence & Data Analyst Team Lead
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Sonja Cammaert

“To me, the appeal of BI is the blend of the technical, design and aesthetic to create engaging and insightful reports.”

Sonja Cammaert, Project Manager
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Hannah Donaldson

“In our increasingly digital world, transforming for tomorrow has never been more important.”

Hannah Donaldson, Senior Business Analyst
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Gonc╠žalo Pinto

“Curiosity is paramount so that you can find the real insights and connections between data.”

Gonc╠žalo Pinto, Business Intelligence & Data Analyst
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Reshma Khan

“Digitalisation ensures time, effort, and space optimisation. A digitalised process is smooth, error free and adds immense value to the business.”

Reshma Khan, Business Intelligence & Data Analyst
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Aaron Robertson

“It's all about decision making - getting actionable insights, providing real time data and giving the business a competitive edge.”

Aaron Robertson, Project Manager
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Daniela Garza

“Our BI solutions empower our clients with enhanced intuition, analytics, and automation.”

Daniela Garza, Business Intelligence & Data Analyst
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Christian Lakin Dick

“Project management in digital solutions is about turning visions into reality, ensuring every pixel aligns with purpose and every line of code contributes to success.”

Christian Lakin Dick, Project Manager
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Aileen Mclean

“Digitisation makes business processes faster and more precise. Your next decision should be easy to make after a brief review of your data.”

Aileen Mclean, Project Manager
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Craig Stewart

“Every day we have the opportunity to dramatically improve the way people work, less mundane tasks and more leveraging of skills.”

Craig Stewart, Business Intelligence & Data Analyst
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