Sonja Cammaert

“ To me, the appeal of BI is the blend of the technical, design and aesthetic to create engaging and insightful reports. ”

Sonja Cammaert, Project Manager

With a First Class degree in Business Management from Robert Gordon University, Sonja thrives on learning and understanding processes across different business functions, developing these processes into holistic analytics solutions, and helping clients achieve their goals through better informed decision-making.

Sonja discovered her passion for data analytics while working in Performance Services in the drilling industry, after utilising BI tools to enable rig managers to analyse their operational performance, focus on areas requiring attention, and measure the resultant KPI improvements. Before this, Sonja spent several years supporting ERP and IT systems which helped her to build familiarity with data systems and develop strategies for turning requirements into results.

When not building analytics dashboards, Sonja spends her time annoying her two cats, testing out experimental recipes on her friends, and chasing ambitions of e-sports infamy!

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