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Business Storytelling Workshops

We always tell our customers how clear and effective communication is key to ensuring their employees and other stakeholders are enthusiastic and on board with their digital transformation journey.

We like to practice what we preach and when, as part of our involvement in the ONE Digital & Entrepreneurship Business Growth Programme, we had the opportunity to participate in a series of business storytelling workshops lead by AB15, our Director Jaye Deighton and Senior Business Analyst Hannah Donaldson were delighted to take part.

Over the course of three workshops, participants were taught a number of communication techniques to help them improve their business communication, the techniques provided were all based on experience and proven underlying psychological principles. A key theme in every session was how to ensure the audience remained engaged throughout the duration of the talk. As practice is key to learning and developing, participants also individually recorded three short presentations, putting into practice the techniques learnt and receiving feedback on areas of improvement.

On completing the course, Hannah said: “I have never been a confident public speaker and so the thought of having to record a video of myself talking for others to then watch and critique was slightly petrifying. I was amazed at how quickly my confidence grew when I had a toolkit to effectively structure my talks.

I will definitely be using these techniques at any presentations or discussions going forward as their ability to help capture and retain the audience’s attention, as well as ensure that the content remained memorable (for the right reasons), is invaluable.”

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